Service Cloud Review: Pros and Cons of the Popular Help Desk Software

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Business

Salesforce created Service Cloud. It’s a platform designed for efficient customer support and relationship management. The main idea behind this solution is to help you create one-to-one relationships with each customer.

You can use Service Cloud to automate many customer service tasks.

Service Cloud acts as a knowledgeable salesperson, listening to customers and responding appropriately. It can route questions to appropriate agents and also provide answers and links to relevant articles and tutorials. Service cloud can answer questions on social media, your website, and mobile apps.

Before we look at the pros and cons of using this product, let’s see a few key features.

Features and Benefits of Service Cloud

Here are five essential features of the Salesforce Service Cloud platform.

  1. Workspace for Sales Agents: A robust, customizable user interface for customer care officials. It provides customer views, analytics, and other productivity tools.
  2. Multiple Case Management: Service agents have a console that enables them to treat multiple service requests simultaneously. It works for various channels, including mobile and desktop apps.
  3. Content Management: Agents can create a text or graphic resource and access it for later use.
  4. Process Automation: With the help of artificial intelligence, you can automate various support functions.
  5. Automated routing: The platform can direct cases or leads to appropriate team members. You can choose the factors to use for automation, such as skills and availability. All routing can be monitored or altered by supervisors.

Pros: What You May Like About Service Cloud

  • Speed: Your team can respond rapidly to customer requests. There’s also an option for escalating requests or routing them to live service agents. Clients can receive answers to support requests within seconds instead of waiting endlessly for agents to reply.
  • Customization: The platform allows for customization to reduce clutter on the user interface and make it easier for users to concentrate on what they need.
  • Availability: Service Cloud is available round the clock, and it is more efficient than conventional customer support methods.
  • Multi-channel Support: You can satisfy customers through their preferred channel, including web, email, and mobile phones.
  • Analytics: It has detailed performance metrics that your team members can use to monitor performance within a specified timeframe.

Cons: What You May Dislike About Service Cloud

  • Cluttered UI: The user interface is somewhat complicated at first sight. So it might be difficult for some users to grasp without customization and training.
  • Complexity: As a result of attempting to meet the needs of many users who need to service customers via diverse platforms, the platform can be pretty complex to modify and administer.
  • Detailed Training Requirement: Administrators, supervisors, and users must go through training to understand some of the application’s features.

Overall, this customer service solution is a robust system that is ideal for businesses and service providers who need a stable, automated CRM solution. While the solution may seem a bit complicated for newcomers to CRM solutions, it can help you support and satisfy a wide range of customers reaching you through multiple channels.

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