Managed Service Provider: 4 Myths and Truths You Need to Know


Managed Service Provider: 4 Myths and Truths You Need to Know

Mar 22, 2021

Have you had an experience with a managed service provider? Was it good or bad? Depending on what you’ve heard or experienced, you may have formed an opinion about the role of an MSP.

MSPs are third-party IT experts hired to manage or monitor certain aspects of a company’s information tech systems. Not all MSPs perform the same way. Some go out of their way to provide exceptional service, while others give excuses for poor performance.

That’s why there are various myths and truths about MSPs and their ability to help you manage your IT infrastructure. This article will look at some of these misconceptions and attempt to bust those myths by revealing reliable MSPs’ truth.

Myth 1: MSPs Don’t Care About Operational Quality

A common misconception is that performance will suffer when you work with an MSP because of a slow response to downtime. Some even believe that MSPs don’t care about the quality of the data and technology.

Truth 1: MSPs Help Improve Performance

Working with a reliable MSP gives you access to a team of specialists. Business IT can longer be run as a centralized department with a few people who have a limited skill set.

MSPs have workers who are specialists in different fields. They work together to maintain, monitor, tune-up, and improve the performance of your IT infrastructure. Also, MSPs are available to help you keep your systems running without any extended downtime.

Myth 2: Business Data Becomes Less Secure

Some people believe that an MSP will not be bothered if a data breach occurs or cybercriminals attack your systems.

Truth 2: MSPs Are in Business Because They Improve Security

If working with MSPs made company data insecure, most MSPs will be out of business. The industry will not be worth hundreds of billions as it is today. MSPs care a lot about security, which is one of the most critical aspects of the service they offer.

Giving an MSP the chance to secure your backend, either on-premise or in the cloud, can provide your in-house IT team more time to focus on the creative use of the data you generate in your business.

Myth 3: MSPs Cost You More Money

A common fallacy is that you shouldn’t pay an IT support company to handle tasks that your in-house staff is already doing. Some people feel that the cost savings promised by MSPs can’t easily be calculated or guaranteed.

Truth 3: MSPs Provide Long and Short Term Savings

Cost savings promised by MSPs are real. Many surveys and research studies show that partnering with an MSP is cost-effective. In many cases, companies save as much as 40 percent or more in operational costs.

Unfortunately, internal IT departments have grown to be one of the most cost sapping departments in recent times. The cost of hiring, training, and equipping IT departments continues to rise. But working with an MSP allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining your IT department.

Myth 4: An MSP will not understand your business

A common fear is that an MSP may not be concerned enough to understand your business and take the same care that an internal IT employee will.

Truth 4: Reliable MSPs work like an extension of your company

MSPs work with businesses in different fields. They know that your business is unique. So they have a well-designed onboarding process to know your business goals and how you use your IT tools and applications to meet your business needs. MSPs work hard to ensure that your network stays up and running round the clock. So you can have peace of mind and focus on your core business.

Connect a Managed Service Provider and Use IT With Peace of Mind

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