4 Ways an IT Consultant Can Transform Your Business


4 Ways an IT Consultant Can Transform Your Business

Mar 15, 2021

Your business needs a transformation. It may be that you need to get more clients, increase the quality of service, or move into a new niche in your industry. An IT consultant can help you to achieve your business goals. Read on to discover what you can gain by partnering with an IT consultant.

1. Access to Certified IT Specialists

Working with an experienced IT consultant gives you instant access to highly specialized IT skills. If you try to hire this skill set, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to keep such talent.

However, by paying a relatively low monthly fee, you can get the type of talent, skills, and expertise you need to handle your major IT projects.

It is true that your in-house IT team may be able to fix many basic IT issues. But they will not have the experience required to troubleshoot and solve problems related to many cloud-based applications. For this reason, it is better to work with an IT consultant that has certified experts.

2. More Time for Your Core Business

Dealing with minor IT issues may be fun for you and your team. But it distracts you from your core business functions.

While some tech-savvy members of your team may enjoy troubleshooting IT problems, it is not always the best way for them to spend their time. Getting distracted by the need to fix a server issue or troubleshoot a network problem can make you and your team lose several productive working hours every week.

Hiring an IT consulting company will be a better way to take care of tech issues in a proactive manner and give your team more time to focus on what they do best.

3. Lower IT Costs

As we discussed earlier, it is more cost-effective to partner with a certified IT firm than to depend on in-house talent. The benefits of outsourcing IT support outweigh the benefits.

When you hire IT personnel, you have to pay salaries and benefits and maintain a conducive workplace. The cost of doing this can quickly become exorbitant for a startup or mid-sized business.

You can, however, enjoy the same or even better service for a fixed monthly fee. Apart from that, you can renegotiate your contract with your hiring firm and choose a higher level of service as your business grows.

4. Improved Network Security

Cybercriminals are targeting an increasing number of small businesses. Small businesses have their websites hacked and their network breached by hackers because they feel too small to be attacked. The consequences of a cyber attack on a small business are devastating, so it is better to be proactive and do everything possible to prevent one.

Most IT consultants offer a proactive approach to securing your network. Instead of waiting for news about a cyber attack, they prepare actively for one.

Your firewall, antivirus, and other security tools will be regularly updated. Your network will also be monitored regularly for any strange activity. IT consultants are always abreast of the latest security threats, so they can warn you in advance to prevent a data breach.

Now that most businesses use cloud-based apps, you must work with a security expert to assess all your cloud computing apps and workflow for potential security flaws.

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