5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service to Your Business


5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service to Your Business

May 3, 2021

Today, businesses of various sizes are switching to cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS). IaaS offers business owners the freedom to work with minimal in-house IT infrastructure. Instead of spending a vast sum of money to acquire and maintain servers and computers, businesses receive computing resources in the form of virtual servers over the Internet.

All required computing resources are financed and delivered on-demand. The IaaS market is here to stay, and it is also expanding rapidly. Research reports show that the IaaS services’ market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25.7% between 2018 and 2023, making it a $97.6 billion industry by 2023.

If you are planning to switch to IaaS, here are five benefits your business can derive from it.

1. Cost Savings

IaaS allows you to reduce IT costs in different ways. First, you only pay for the resources you need. You avoid buying expensive hardware, and cloud computing resources are acquired automatically without any high labor costs.

IaaS also enables you to cut costs by adopting a consumption-based approach to IT instead of a capital-based approach. You no longer need to purchase servers and operating systems that will become obsolete in less than five years.

2. Improved Security

Using in-house hardware and software installations forces you to monitor every connected device for security reasons. On the other hand, working in a cloud-hosted environment relieves you of this burden.

You delegate a large portion of your security-related tasks to your managed service provider. That way, you can focus more on other aspects of security management such as training, risk assessment, password management, and device control.

3. Agility and Scalability

Paying for infrastructure as a service increases your business agility. You now have the power to allocate and withdraw resources as the need arises. On a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, you may decide to modify your tariff plans to suit changing business situations.

Similarly, as your business grows, you can increase the number of computing resources you need. For instance, you may shift from a shared server to a dedicated one or increase the amount of storage space you are using for your business.

If you have a project that will require the use of a staging server for testing and a production server for deployment, you can ask your provider to give you access to these resources for a limited period.

4. Time for Growth Activities

Regardless of how some people view it, investing in information technology is expensive. Spending time, resources, and effort to hire, train and equip IT personnel is costly, and it may not have a direct impact on your business goals.

To achieve business goals, you need to invest more time producing high-quality services, market them, and maintain good relationships with your clients. While IT helps you to do this, it can be a distraction if managing IT or troubleshooting problems take up to 30 percent or more of your working hours.

Moving your infrastructure to a service-based model gives you the freedom and time to concentrate on activities that will expand your business.

5. Smooth Backup and Recovery

Keeping local backup copies of your data may be convenient. But your data may be lost, damaged, or stolen if you depend solely on your on-site backup.

That’s not the case with IaaS. Your provider must create automated backups and store them in another location to prevent loss, damage, or theft.

Your recovery can be quick with a continuity and disaster recovery plan without any significant loss or extended downtime.

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