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Stand out from your competitors by boosting your security and compliance. Garden State Computing upgrades your IT systems to harden your network, minimize downtime, and improve productivity. 

STOP SYSTEM Emergencies

You’re searching for “Construction and Contracting IT Companies Passaic NJ” for a reason. Something has gone wrong. No matter the company size, we make your job easier. With Garden State Computing, a Construction and Contracting IT Company in Passaic, NJ,  you can be sure that we know how important it is to get your network up and running. We minimize downtime and increase worker productivity.


Construction and Contracting IT Companies Near Passaic New Jersey

While working with a local IT Company in Passaic New Jersey is ideal for your business, we also work remotely with customer around the globe. No matter your size, or network setup, Garden State Computing of Hawthorne, NJ will be there with our rapid response IT team to solve any network crashes.

Emergency Construction and Contracting IT Company in Passaic NJ

We are the best emergency IT company in Passaic and can fix any problem you might be experiencing. Let us complete a complimentary system evaluation. Here are some examples of emergencies you might experience:

  • Computer Systems are down from a crash or power issue
  • Internet is down
  • Alarms coming from server room area
  • Inability to access a production system for any reason


Our process has been streamlined and can be provided at a time that is convenient for you. When you need your computer systems audited or supported, call us. We will have you up and running in no time.