Safeguard Your Data and Empower Your Business with Colocation Services

You no longer have to worry about power outages, security breaches, environmental disruptions, or space constraints with our colocation services. We offer businesses of all sizes a secure and reliable offsite environment to house their critical IT infrastructure. 

Our Colocation Facilities

Colocation Facilities

Equinix NY 2 – Secaucus, New Jersey

Equinix NY 4 – Secaucus, New Jersey

Equinix NY5 – Secaucus, New Jersey

Contact us for options in other facilities!

Get Flexible and Secure Data Storage You Don’t Have to Manage

Data Protection

Comprehensive Data Protection and Reliability

We ensure your servers are fully protected and highly reliable, even when housed offsite. By partnering with top-tier colocation facilities in New Jersey, we provide environments featuring 24x7x365 security, CCTV surveillance, biometric access controls, and enterprise-grade power redundancy. These facilities allow businesses to eliminate the need for on-site server rooms, reducing risks associated with power outages, floods, ISP disruptions, or insider threats ensuring continuous operation and security.

Friendly Experts

Friendly Experts at Your Service

We are willing to help define the specifications you need to size out your deployment, set everything up for you, and help if something goes wrong. If you ever need something, we’re only a phone call away! Our technicians have extensive experience performing remote hands services in datacenters.

Optional Workspace

Optional Workspace and Connectivity

Our facilities offer on-site workspaces with Wi-Fi, conference rooms, cafeteria areas, coffee, and vending machines which allow you to tackle issues on-site with all the comforts you need. This is ideal for emergencies or when you need to be close to your equipment for a maintenance window.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs and Expert Support

Colocation eliminates the expense and hassle of maintaining your own in-house IT rooms. You can reclaim space in your building and reallocate it for other things. Power and cooling for your servers are also no longer needed.

Comprehensive Services

Flexible and Comprehensive Services

We provide a range of colocation options to suit any size requirement, from single servers to private cages, ensuring a perfect fit for your business. Our services are designed for scalability, allowing you to easily adjust your infrastructure up or down based on your needs, and pay only for the resources you use. We are dedicated to supporting your transition from on-premises to datacenter environments, making the process smooth and cost-effective.

We’re Your Ideal Colocation Partner If…

You’re looking for someone to help you...

achieve a seamless transition when relocating to a datacenter.

You need help getting your servers...

out of your office and somewhere safer. We can handle this process from start to finish for you.

You are seeking a partner that…

offers specialized facilities with robust security measures.

You’re looking for an additional resource...

to help engineer your datacenter footprint to be more efficient, effective, and reliable.
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It’s Not Just Storage Space, It’s Exceptional Service

At Garden State Computing, we go beyond just providing colocation servers and storage space – we prioritize exceptional service at every step. If we get a call and tell you to meet us with your equipment within 30 minutes to address an issue, trust that we stick to our word, and we’ll be ready to go when you arrive. Our team is made up of skilled problem-solvers who truly want to see you succeed, so we stay prepared to handle any obstacles that come your way.

We never make smaller clients feel unimportant because they have minimal needs. Unlike some competitors who may only cater to large-scale demands, we are happy to accommodate smaller requests, offering “sub-lease” options for those who don’t require a full cabinet of space. We believe businesses of all sizes deserve security and peace of mind, so we approach every client with personalized service and a sincere willingness to help.

Why Choose Us? We’re All About People and Passion

Having been in business for 10 years, Garden State Computing has built a reputation for putting people first. We truly enjoy interacting with clients, getting to know their businesses, and building relationships that go beyond just tech support. Sometimes our clients call just to chat – they know we speak their language and they'll be treated like a friend. We’re passionate about IT, but we’re even more passionate about building strong connections with humans and making our clients feel genuinely supported.

If an issue does come up, we explain it in simple terms and talk to you in language that is easy to understand rather than using boring, overwhelming jargon. Our friendly team never points fingers or rushes through a problem to move on to the next task. The last thing we want to be is the IT provider you avoid calling.

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