Business IT Technology Expert: 5 Ways to Get the Best Service


Business IT Technology Expert: 5 Ways to Get the Best Service

Mar 16, 2020

Working with a business IT technology expert can significantly benefit both small and large businesses and nonprofits. Using managed IT services takes the burden off you and your in-house IT team.

It enables you to enjoy the services and experience of a team of IT specialists. As a result, you can save the overhead costs associated with hiring, equipping, training, and retaining an internal team.

However, it’s vital to know what to discuss and how to create a profitable service agreement with an MSP.

Here are some tips for doing this:

1. Choose the Best Solution for Your Organization

When you are selecting your solution provider, it is essential to sample more than one opinion. Don’t settle for the first recommendation or the one that’s the most affordable. Ensure that you are getting the best option for your business and not just your provider’s solution.

Requesting proposals helps you compare the features, benefits, and prices of different service plans. This also gives you a better understanding of how each solution works.

2. Work With Specialists

To get the best service for your type of business, you need to look for companies with a team of specialists. For instance, if you need to prevent a breach of data privacy regulations in healthcare, you need an experienced provider to maintain HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity. Even when you have an existing contract with an MSP, you can still find an expert in a specialized IT field to work with them. Your focus should be on getting the right combination of support services for your network.

3. Ask the Right Questions

Choosing the best business IT expert for your needs is not a trivial task. You need to be aware of your IT needs and ask your potential MSPs the right type of questions. Ask questions about technical and business abilities, such as:

·     Have you provided service for my kind of business before?

·     Do you have partners for specialized tasks?

·     Do you have any references?

·     What are your areas of core competence?

·     Which compliance frameworks are you supporting?

·     How do you automate processes?

Take time to listen to your prospective MSP and get as many details sorted out before you sign your service contract.

4. Know What You Are Paying For

Take time to discuss the services you will receive during your initial consultations. This is a vital step when you are operating on a fixed budget. You should know the essential services you need now and those you can add later as you grow your business.

Let your provider explain the preventive services and the emergency solutions they will provide for your business.

At this point, discuss how you receive a monthly report or log that shows the work done on your network. This should contain tasks such as:

·     Applying security patches

·     Automated software and firmware updates

·     Preventive monitoring and maintenance to prevent network downtime

·     Data backups

·     PC troubleshooting to resolve workstation problems


5. Discuss Your Growth Plan

Underestimating growth is a common pitfall when working with MSPs. Make a plan with your provider to increase your applications and scope of services and support as your business grows. If you plan to increase the number of workstations or office locations in the future, inform your provider in advance. Choose a provider that can accommodate business growth and increase service accordingly.


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