5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring an MSP in NJ


5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring an MSP in NJ

Nov 20, 2020

More businesses in New Jersey are now making use of managed IT service providers (MSPs). A company that can’t build an in-house IT team can partner with an MSP in NJ to gain better support than an internal IT team can provide.

Also, companies with in-house IT departments can boost their technical staff’s performance by partnering with a professional IT service firm.

Nonetheless, when choosing your preferred IT partner, there are some common pitfalls you need to avoid. Here are some mistakes many businesses make and some tips on how to prevent them.

1. Treating MSPs as an Autopilot System

An MSP’s service is not a “set it and forget it” solution. While they will generally strive to solve virtually all IT-related problems for you, you must also play an active role in ensuring that your system works without a hitch. You and your team must strive to follow the best practices for cybersecurity and IT’s efficient use. Your MSP will provide assistance, training, and system monitoring, but they can’t force you to take action.

2. Leaving Every Problem to IT Support

Some business leaders believe that choosing an MSP means they will hand over every technical issue. This could be a costly mistake.

Before you hire an IT service provider, you need to create a plan to determine when an issue can be handled in-house or when it should be handed to over to IT support.

Your business will solve more IT problems by distinguishing between what power users can handle and what you must call your IT support partner to solve.

3. Treating Your MSP Like a Vendor

It’s better to treat your MSP as an internal resource rather than a one-time supplier. Let your IT provider know your expectations and your plans to increase your infrastructure.

Let your IT provider know that you expect a professional level of communication and commitment to the company.

After choosing your service provider, it is essential to build a working relationship to share ideas that will help your organization achieve strategic business goals.

4. Not Being Transparent

From the onset, let your preferred MSP know all the services, locations, and expectations. Be as open as possible with your IT service provider.

Avoid holding back vital information from your MSP because this will increase your costs in the future. Maintain open communication with your MSP and let them know if there are any unforeseen issues.

5. Signing the Contract Without Full Understanding of Terms

Work with clearly defined terms of engagement. Take some time to study the contract details and understand each line clearly before you reach an agreement. Know how you will maintain contact with the MSP in NJ and the type of work that will require additional billing.

Your contract should include a non-disclosure agreement, which must be signed before your MSP starts working on confidential data.

Ensure that all the feedback channels for communicating with the MSP are clearly stated. It’s also important to know who will handle any feedback or distress calls.

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