5 Key Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Business IT Services


5 Key Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Business IT Services

May 8, 2020

Information technology (IT) is essential for business growth. You need your computers, servers, network, email, Internet connection, mobile devices, and cloud applications to run your business effectively.

However, when IT issues and troubleshooting begin to take up a significant portion of your working hours, you need to get help from a business IT services provider.

Working with a managed IT service provider (MSP) will offer you the following benefits.

1. Low IT Maintenance Costs

MSPs provide a comprehensive package of services that reduces unit costs. When you hire an MSP, you will receive:

·     Support services

·     Network management

·     System monitoring

·     Server and PC troubleshooting

·     And many others

Your service provider will be able to purchase tools and supplies for these services in bulk. And the lower purchase cost can be passed on to you when you need them.

Additionally, your service provider will work more efficiently, using process automation and system monitoring tools to discover and prevent problems before they occur. As a result, you will have fewer system breakdowns, and you will eventually pay less for maintaining your IT infrastructure.

2. 24/7 Tech Support

If your small business is online, you will need constant access to a tech team. For larger enterprises, maintaining tech teams in-house may be necessary for proprietary systems and apps, but this is unnecessary for most small businesses.

Your business must have IT support at your fingertips either through online chat or by telephone. If you sign a contract with a reliable IT support provider, you won’t have to call for a tech company to solve problems on a break/fix basis.

With an MSP, you can be assured that your team members will be covered if there’s an emergency, outage, system downtime, or security breach.

3. Expert Advice on Tech Acquisitions

Most IT tools will become obsolete after a few years. This applies to both software and hardware. Your Microsoft OS and office productivity software will require regular upgrades. Hardware will also become outdated within five or more years.

So what do you do when you have to purchase a new piece of technology? Your MSP will be glad to help you buy the best tools for your business. Consulting your MSP will prevent you from purchasing redundant equipment or acquiring technology that will soon be phased out.

4. Full Concentration on Your Core Business

As soon as you hand over IT services management to a professional service provider, you will be free to focus on your business. There will be no distractions that lower productivity at work. This will eventually lead to:

·     Reduced stress at work

·     More creativity and efficiency

·     Improved service delivery

·     Business growth and expansion

Outsourcing IT services to a competent partner helps you improve your customers’ quality of service.

5. Improve System and Data Security

There’s an ever-increasing security threat to business IT systems. Hackers and cybercriminals are continually targeting vulnerable systems. The effect of a single data breach can be devastating. Apart from the loss of productive time, data, and other resources, you may also face legal charges for negligence.

For these reasons, it is essential to work with a business IT services provider to prevent data breaches and make adequate preparations for a quick recovery if a major cyber attack hits you.

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