A local accounting firm whom we have consulted with on an on-going basis retained us to bring their infrastructure to the “next level” while keeping their existing hardware in use, rather than replacing all of it.

The original set up was 2 Dell R710’s (domain controller and Exchange server) and a PowerEdge 2900 (terminal server). We brought in a temporary server to convert the 2900 to a virtual machine on. After that, we upgraded the storage capacity in the 2900 and installed a Linux distribution to serve as an iSCSI appliance.

Once this was complete, we converted the two R710 servers to virtual machines on the temporary server as well. Once everything was running smoothly on the temporary server, we installed secondary processors in the R710’s and upgraded them to 96GB RAM each – enough to run the entire office on either one of the servers. XenServer 6.2 was installed onto these, and the VM’s were migrated back. We installed a rackmount 1U QNAP NAS to serve as storage for all of the VM backups as well.

After all of the original VM’s were running back on their original infrastructure, we provisioned an additional terminal server and domain controller for them.

Here is what the servers looked like after project completion:


We also took their patch panels and rewired them with the existing cabling. Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture, but here is an after:



I am writing this as a follow up to our first post in our portfolio – the first phase of our Weehawken deployment. As seen in the pictures, we had all of the cabling in place and ready to be connected, and one server sitting in the rack.

We performed the migration in the wee hours of Labor Day (September 1st, 2014). Everything went flawlessly and we are up and running.

Here are some pictures of the finished product:



Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to arrange a migration of your servers from your office(s) to a proper colocation facility.